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Political and religious pamphlets of the Italian unification, 1815-1871


This collection of approximately 1600 short printed pamphlets was published in Italy, largely from 1815-1880, and markings on several of the items appear to link the collection with Cardinal Carlo Luigi Morichini (1805-1879) as a former owner. The pamphlets reflect the Catholic Church's outlook on and response to the sweeping changes occurring in 19th-century Italy, a period which witnessed the national unification of the Italian peninsula and the corresponding secularization of civil, political, and educational institutions. The pamphlets also reflect Morichini's interest in various types of charitable institutions, especially hospitals, prisons, schools, and savings and loan organizations founded for the benefit of the poor. The bulk of the pamphlets were published in the former territory of the Papal States and the Papal Legations, where Morichini was active.

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